Hanover School Division is committed to opening up our schools for community users. Online availability calendars and specific booking terms are in place to assist in the process.

Starting the first day of each booking term, beginning at 6 am, we will accept online requests for that specific term.
Requests received prior to 6 am on a given day will be placed at the bottom of the request list for that day. Requests will be collected each day and reviewed and prioritized the following day.

Bookings will be prioritized for all requests that are received within each day (starting at 6:00 am). Priority will be given in this order, Class 1, 2 and then 3. If 2 or more groups within the same classification request the same dates and venue within a given day, priority will be given based on the time that requests are received.

Note that the online calendars are updated throughout each school day, but since more than 1 community user can request the same dates on a given day, and the calendar is not tied directly to the online booking form, it may not always show the exact availability of a given facility. Online requests may include alternate days/locations in the notes field if community users wish to add that information.

If your request for rental includes calendar dates that fall within scheduled school breaks (Spring Break, Summer Break, and Christmas Break), please note that the standard processing time for confirmation of your booking may be delayed. In these instances we must take additional internal steps to confirm facility availability for your requested dates. This is done to ensure that rental requests are not in conflict with any scheduled maintenance during such breaks.

In the case of an emergency or exceptional circumstance, where a school wants or needs to use their facility space during a time slot where a community booking is in place, the school will make that request to Hanover School Division Administration Office for consideration. This will only be approved in exceptional cases and we will make every effort to find alternative space for the community booking.

Due to gym space popularity and to create equity for multiple groups, users/groups will be restricted to 2 days per week per each school gym. So a group could have 2 days in one school and 2 days in another school during the same week. Additional days may be requested, but only up to 7 days in advance.

  1. Review the facility and insurance rates prior to submitting your request. Liability insurance will be required to be purchased through the Hanover School Division insurance provider at the rates they specify based on activity and size of group.

  2. Review the online availability calendar for the school facility that you wish to book. Only request dates that appear to be available on these calendars within the current booking term. Requests for dates beyond the current booking term will not be processed. You can request up to 2 days per week per school.

    NOTE: Community Use Requests will only be processed if the school’s booking calendar shows availability. In the event that the calendar has a SCHOOL USE booking, community users may contact the school directly to inquire about specific availability. If the school no longer needs their facility they may release the SCHOOL USE booking at which time the community user may submit an online divisional booking request.


    Hanover School Division Booking Term Dates

    Term 0: Starting the first day of school, one off requests by community groups up to September 15 will be accepted. Schools will be contacted for their approvals. Requests will only be accepted for individual dates up to September 15. Due to our school start up, bookings during this time can be difficult for us to accommodate.

    Term 1: Schools have all dates in calendar by September 15 for bookings up to November 30.
    Booking requests accepted starting September 16 for dates to November 30.

    Term 2: Schools have all dates in calendar by October 31 for bookings up to January 31.
    Booking requests accepted starting November 1 for dates to January 31.

    Term 3: Schools have all dates in calendar by December 31 for bookings up to March 31.
    Booking requests accepted starting January 2 for dates to March 31.

    Term 4: Schools have all dates in calendar by February 28 for bookings up to June 30.
    Booking requests accepted starting March 1 for dates to June 30.

  3. Due to gym space popularity and to create equity for multiple groups, users/groups will be restricted to 2 days per week per each school gym. So a group could have 2 days in one school and 2 days in another school during the same week.

  4. Complete and submit this form for your Hanover School Division Community Use request at least 5 full school days prior to your event. Please do not contact the schools directly.

  5. Be sure to fill in all the information boxes. Only the specific venues listed for each school are available.

  6. Once we receive your request, we will verify the availability of the school.

  7. If the school is available, we will email you a preliminary permit to review, sign and return to us (fax or email is fine), along with full payment, within 14 days of application date or 2 full school days prior to your rental, whichever comes first. Be sure to read, understand and follow all permit details and regulations.

  8. You will receive an invoice along with the permit. We accept credit card payments (PayPal online system), cheque payments (in person or via mail) or cash (in person only). Be sure to sign and return a copy of the permit along with your payment.

  9. Permits will only be valid once signed by Hanover School Division authorized personnel. Payment must be made in full prior to any permit being authorized / validated. You are to bring the HSD authorized permit to the school facility and present as required upon your arrival. Permits that are not signed by authorized Hanover School Division personnel are not valid. If you do not have a signed permit from us, you will not have authorization to use our facilities. The majority of time we will email you the validated / signed permit.

  10. No-show Fee - Any group that fails to show up for a booking without cancelling by 3 pm (Friday 3 pm for all weekend bookings) will incur a $25.00 charge. Payment will be required prior to further use of HSD facilities.

  11. Extended Time Fee - Groups are required to have cleaned up and vacated the facility by the end time on their permit. Groups that are in our facilities beyond the permit time will incur hourly charges based on our Sunday rates with a minimum 1/2 hour charge.

  12. If you have multiple dates that you are requesting, enter those into the "OTHER INFORMATION" box. Please be sure to enter all the specific dates and not just days of the week - you would enter "October 6, 13, 20, 27" not "Every Thursday in October".

  13. There is a $10.00 non-refundable administration fee for each permit application. This fee is only due if the date(s) you requested are available and you choose to accept the terms of the permit. If you have multiple dates on one permit there is only one administration fee applied. There will be a $10.00 administration fee for each change to existing permits. This is to cover our administration costs associated with the paperwork required.

  14. Majority of our communication to you will be via email.

  15. When using a gym, volleyball nets, basketball nets, floor hockey nets and soccer nets will be available at no extra charge. These must be requested with the initial permit application under "OTHER INFORMATION" (subject to availability.). All other equipment is not available for use.

  16. Once you have a permit, please be sure to reference the permit number if you need to contact us with any questions.

  17. These terms and guidelines are subject to change.

How to contact us:

Email community@hsd.ca
Phone 204.326.6471